Marketing texts may seemingly appear as not difficult to translate into a foreign language, especially when taking into consideration that it is rather uncommon to use specialised terminology in them. These kinds of texts may be found in promotional materials, leaflets, marketing slogans and newsletters. Despite their simple nature, they still pose a difficulty which every linguist will have to take care of. The translator during the translation of such texts must show his/her knowledge of the language and culture of the target country in order to avoid a situation in which the original text can no longer be found within the translation of it. Moreover, a skilled transcriber of marketing texts will be able to localize a particular text in a way that will convince a potential client into taking up the offer.

Marketing translation – what is it really?

Marketing translation is an interpretation of every marketing campaign – both traditional ones and those found on the internet. These kinds of texts are usually linked to simple language, as opposed to medical, technical and legal, which are known for their technical jargon. Despite these associations, marketing translations are also considered as specialist texts.

The ability to grasp all jokes, allusion and wordplay which the author might have used while writing the original text is the most important skill of any translator. Machine translation, which is used in multiple translational programs, may skip all that and transcribe a particular ad word-by-word, which will most likely result in funny to look at, but certainly misfortunate translations. To avoid that, one has to reach for help of professionals, who certainly will do their utmost in order to translate the given text in the most precise way, with no loss of qualities given by the author.

Translation of advertisements

It is said that marketing is key to success of any company – how else is it supposed to reach commercial success if no one knows what it does? Very often, larger companies will order
a translation of their advertisements into a foreign language thanks to which they will gain access to foreign clients. When translating such texts, a translator must not only prove their knowledge of
a target language but also the knowledge of the art of persuasion, thanks to which both the translation and the entire advertisement will achieve complete success in both languages. A good advertisement must arouse interest in the product, and that is what persuasion in the marketing world is, and that is what must be perfectly translated. It is no small task, but a seasoned translator will certainly manage to do it.

The translator in internet campaigns

The development of e-commerce has created a situation where it is not only the corporations that request translations of their ads and marketing campaigns, but also the owners of smaller e-shops. A well transcribed ad can determine whether or not a company that intends to reach foreign markets will be successful in doing so. If something happens to be translated in a wrong way, it will certainly affect the way potential clients and their competitors perceive a certain company. This is why it is undoubtedly important to choose professional translators who will lead to a company’s success in foreign markets.

The task of a translator is to translate a text between two languages in such a way that the values presented in the original text are not lost in the translation. For a professional it does not matter whether a text is written in a formal or casual register, and any difficulty they may face does not pose a problem to them as they will translate the given text in such a way that the original meaning is not lost in translation.

All of these challenges show how important the choice of a professional translation bureau really is. Here at Atominium we put all efforts into our marketing translations so that they are created with the utmost precision.

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