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Netflix and learn!

Boring lessons and slaving over books doesn’t always have to be the basis of language learning.<br> If you enjoy watching TV shows, and you would like to improve your language skills, you most definitely should check out platforms streaming foreign language productions. For people who want to familiarise themselves with the English language, Netflix has […]

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Dla tłumaczy Nowości i promocje Technikalia

Text localization into Polish

What is localization and why do people practice it? Localization stands for a place, but when it comes to translations it is a procedure basing on adjusting ready translation to a cultural reality of a certain country or region. As opposed to translation, this process allows to implement changes in the source material, such as […]

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Product localization into Polish

Entering the Polish market? Most important tips about localization of proper names into Polish. Since Poland is one of the biggest markets in Central Europe, many global companies are willing to enter this market. This process is undoubtedly impossible without a product’s professional translation and localisation from English, regardless of the type of product. Many […]

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Marketing Nowości i promocje Technikalia

In the era of coronavirus and the spinning world of technology robotisation and translations in the field

We’ve known for a long time now that robots can make our everyday life easier – can you imagine functioning without a vacuum cleaner, or make dough by hand? Sheer horror. And life without a washing machine?! Robots are among us and help in our daily household chores. At the same time, they constantly need […]

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Nowości i promocje

A refreshing promotion at ATOMINIUM!

Weve got it! Beautiful weather, the sun high in the sky and the summer in full swing!The ATOMINIUM team have decided to celebrate the arrival of summer holidays with a refreshing promotion. Until July 31st, using the code SUMMER will get you a promotional 5% discount on all language combinations!*Such a promotion does not happen […]

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Dla tłumaczy Nowości i promocje Technikalia Tutoriale

Multilingual Data Analysis

Looking for new opportunities in the global market for your company? Whenever you deliver services for business, run an online shop or are willing to sell your product abroad, the crucial thing is collecting Internet data about a certain product, service or company. Whatever you sell or whatever kind of business you run, the key […]

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