What is localization and why do people practice it?

Localization stands for a place, but when it comes to translations it is a procedure basing on adjusting ready translation to a cultural reality of a certain country or region. As opposed to translation, this process allows to implement changes in the source material, such as personalisation of format, date, time, currency or graphics adaptation. Localization aims to awake the receiver’s interest by focusing his or her attention on the translation’s product.

It significantly contributes to sales growth, better product reception on the target market, customer satisfaction and, above all, reducing the risk of making mistakes during translation.

Internet sites localization

Internet site translation contains more than just a literal translation. The site’s content is matched to a specific environment to be as comprehensible for the consumer as possible. Aside from translation, such elements as graphics, units of measurement and currencies are taken into account. In addition, you have to know what technology was used to build the site.

Software localization

This task is much more complicated because it concerns computer systems. In this case the subjects of the translation are interface, menu elements, graphics and help commands. There is a wide range of products using this type of localization – from banking systems to medical equipment and computer games. As such, technical knowledge of various data saving formats and particular computer tools are required. A whole team of translators, revisers, coders and engineers is usually engaged in this kind of work.

Application localization

In other words, adjusting the application to the user’s needs in a certain country, that is to say the whole interface, artwork as well as auxiliary documentation, along with symbols or unique gestures. Thanks to such operation we can overcome communication barriers, which significantly increases our chances to succeed on foreign market.

To sum up, well-made localization is a key to effective development on the global markets. This process requires a lot of time, in-depth analysis and, of course, financial resources. These are the investor’s essentials to making a profit. Localization is a necessary tool which helps us to acquire customers and recognition. It is a fact that a great deal of foreign businesses and companies make an effort to advertise themselves in Poland, due to which Polish localization is becoming more and more common.


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