„We are very happy with our current supplier of translation services.”
CEO of an industrial and trading enterprise
„They have proven their good organisational skills and reliable performance in terms of translation services.”
General Director of a government administration authority
”Our cooperation with this translation agency is highly appreciated due to the high quality of provided specialist translations.”
CEO of an innovative power engineering company
„ATOMINIUM employs qualified professionals.”
Director of an industrial sales company
„Working with ATOMINIUM is valued by us because of its high quality of translations provided, keeping documents confidential and being customer focused.”
CEO of an investment fund



Atominium Translation Agency assists its clients on their global growth and expansion into foreign markets by supporting and fulfilling their translation and localisation requirements as part of multiple language combinations. Complex multilingual projects are managed quickly and efficiently. Cooperation with our agency ensures translations in Romanian made by professional experienced linguists.

There are five declensions in Romanian: nominative, genitive, accusative, dative, accusative, and vocative; however, the nominative and accusative have identical endings, and so do the genitive and dative. As a Romance language, Romanian is like Italian, with about 77% of the vocabulary in common. The language is spoken by approximately 24 million people.

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