„We are very happy with our current supplier of translation services.”
CEO of an industrial and trading enterprise
„They have proven their good organisational skills and reliable performance in terms of translation services.”
General Director of a government administration authority
”Our cooperation with this translation agency is highly appreciated due to the high quality of provided specialist translations.”
CEO of an innovative power engineering company
„ATOMINIUM employs qualified professionals.”
Director of an industrial sales company
„Working with ATOMINIUM is valued by us because of its high quality of translations provided, keeping documents confidential and being customer focused.”
CEO of an investment fund


Localization is an increasingly common procedure as part of the discipline, as it allows a document (both text and graphics) to be adapted to the target audience and its language.


We are experienced in managing large and complex jobs, such as translating hundreds of pages of business catalogues, leaflets, user manuals, computer programs and literature.



Atominium collaborates with quite a few interpreters. Interpretation may be provided as standard or as part of sworn service. Any type of interpretation can be provided, regardless of the language combination.

Certified translations

We have been dealing with a number of certified translations for individual clients, companies, courts, state bodies and corporations. A sworn translator in Poland is qualified to translate from a foreign language into Polish and viceversa.

Desktop Publishing

When translated materials are to be published, localization services do not usually end with translation itself. DTP is often an indispensable part of the project, allowing the original layout of the text to remain intact its original form.

Business translations

Throughout the last few decades, we have known the ins and outs of the translation market. Moving with the times has made us capable of responding effectively and quickly to our clients’ changing expectations.

Translations for publishers

Our experience in the field of literary translation enables us to provide a comprehensive service, focusing on book translation! The professionalism of our services is guaranteed; free of charge sample translations are also available.

Copywriting, contentwriting

At your request, appropriate texts and slogans that are often in advertisements can be created. We prepare scenarios, edit texts, and create thematic content in order to increase the substantive value of the company, which translates into better SEO results.

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