Dialogue lists – transcription and translating

Movies and TV series are an integral part of modern entertainment. For many people it’s a favourite way of spending free time thanks to the variety of topics, convenience of use and easy availability, which can be obtained in many ways – through streaming platforms, going to the cinema or watching TV. Transcription and translating […]

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Translating Chinese idioms

The translator’s job is arduous in of itself. Translating Chinese comes with additional challenges not present while translating western languages. This entry will mention some of the hardships a translator of Chinese language must face. Is there “Chinese language”? The term Chinese language doesn’t actually refer to one language; it is used to describe a […]

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Challenges in comic book translation

Translating comic books may seem an uncomplicated task. After all, there are helpful illustrations at our disposal and there is relatively little text. However, it is not so simple. The aspects which may have seemed to make things easier, turn out to pose biggest difficulties. Limitations Rarely do the word balloons containing the text stretch, […]

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The magical Valyrian language

A few years ago, a certain pop culture era came to an end. In May 2019, the last episode of the iconic TV series Game of Thrones aired. Fans must have found it difficult to say goodbye to their beloved characters, and finding a worthy substitution for such a solid, elaborate story was also a […]

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The simplicity of animals’ signals in comparison to the beauty of human language

Animals, similarly to humans, use various non-verbal signals to communicate. However, what separates Homo Sapiens from other living beings, is the ability to use both verbal communication, as well as the written language, which together offer the complexity and beauty unobtainable by other species. Primitivity and complexity Animals are controlled by instincts, which is why […]

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Silbo Gomero – a whistled language

The Canary Islands are one of the most popular destinations during the summer holidays. Tourists are drawn there thanks to the impressive landscapes, pleasant climate and well-developed hotel infrastructure. Apart from that, the islands have an interesting past as well as some unique customs. One of them is a peculiar language of people from La […]

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Happy Birthday Google!

Google approached its quarter of century of existence, and because of another birthday bringing us closer to this milestone in internet history we would like to use this occasion to examine the influence of the Mountain View giant on the language. Californian company has, in its portfolio, many projects, which make it easier for us […]

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Student’s translation conundrums

The work of professional translators consist of something more than just instinctive translation of a text. It is therefore not reasonable to expect a person who is just starting out in translation studies to demonstrate a level of knowledge equal to that of a translation agency. By learning, students have the opportunity to learn how […]

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