Google approached its quarter of century of existence, and because of another birthday bringing us closer to this milestone in internet history we would like to use this occasion to examine the influence of the Mountain View giant on the language. Californian company has, in its portfolio, many projects, which make it easier for us to function in society; thus, as a translation agency full of technology and communication enthusiasts we will use this opportunity to recall Google’s projects, which directly affect our sphere of interests.

Google Translate – a friend when travelling

Presumably every one of us has used the most popular Google product at least once. Despite its versatility and usefulness, the Californian translator still has some flaws. It has a tendency to ignore the context or to strive towards more popular translations, even if they do not match the text they are in. However, as it is an important event for this company, we shall focus on the undisputable advantages of using this service. Firstly, despite its problems with translations of more complicated utterances, Google Translate handles simpler and widely used statements much more competently, which makes it a perfect companion of every tourist. The ability to ask native residents for directions or to order delicious dishes in a local restaurant makes for an irreplaceable tourist experience, which would be unobtainable without a little support from the compact device.

Support in those trying times

Despite the birthdays being considered happy occasions, we must acknowledge the current situation in Eastern Europe. During our conversations with teachers befriended with our translation agency, especially the ones tutoring younger children, often the topic of the usefulness of Google Translate, during classes in which Ukrainian youngsters are present, is being brought up. Often, those kids started learning the Polish language only after already leaving their motherland and because of it their vocabulary is still quite poor. Therefore, the usage of smartphone to translate simple questions, requests or utterances makes for an invaluable aid, for which we should thank the company from Mountain View.

Digital paper – the occasion for self-improvement

One of the less popular – yet indescribably useful, from a viewpoint of language enthusiasts – services of the Californian technology company has to be Google Books. It is a system where most of world’s publications, novels, guides, essays and research are located. Despite the fact that not many of them are free to use, among those that are we can are find literary classics, doctoral theses on languages, as well as profusion of feature articles and analyses of renowned professors, which can be used to deepen our understanding of human language or interpersonal communication

An integral part of our lives

Despite certain imperfections it is undisputable that since its creation, Google has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Therefore, as those who are both privately and professionally interconnected with language, we wish Google many more years of improvements and fulfilment of more ground-breaking projects.

(Translation M.S.)

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