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How to choose a translation agency

Both in private and professional life, sometimes a need to translate a wide variety of texts or to use the services of an interpreter may arise. In such a case you need to contact an appropriate translation agency. How, though, can you make sure that you have made a good decision? Suitable services The most […]

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Judicial and legal translations

Every type of specialised translation requires excellent knowledge of terminology and phraseology, and in the case of such a responsible task as document translation, its reliability is even more important. In order to appropriately prepare for such work, it is not enough to learn the relevant vocabulary, but it is also necessary to find out […]

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The learning plateau, i.e. great frustration

The learning plateau is probably a concept that doesn’t say much. However, we can assure you that everyone who has studied a foreign language has experienced this phenomenon in their lives. The plateau phase can be encountered in many fields, although the one we are interested in concerns a problem that is easily experienced when […]

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How do consecutive interpreters take their notes

The interpreter’s job does not lack plot twists as it often requires immense resourcefulness and swiftness of action. Imagine, for example, that there is a conference taking place in a company and it features a Norwegian entrepreneur. The rest of the participants do not know Norwegian, so his statement should be replicated in a way […]

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Continuous localization

Globalization is a phenomenon affecting almost every large company. Nowadays, as a synonym of success, we can perceive introducing the largest number of products to new markets. However, it is not an easy process – it consists of multiple steps, including content adaptation to the needs of regional recipients. That is why traditional localization strategies […]

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Happy Birthday Google!

Google approached its quarter of century of existence, and because of another birthday bringing us closer to this milestone in internet history we would like to use this occasion to examine the influence of the Mountain View giant on the language. Californian company has, in its portfolio, many projects, which make it easier for us […]

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Easter with ATOMINIUM!

The ATOMINIUM Team would like to wish you all a Happy Easter! We hope this special holiday will be full of joy, peace and happiness. Also, please note that on Friday 15th and on Easter Monday (18th of April) our office will be closed. All your emails will be answered on Tuesday. Happy Easter!

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