Global localization in translations

While hearing the word “translation” the vision of translating the text into a certain language in the ratio of 1:1 often comes to mind. Such a proceure aims at maintaining the original meaning of words but it does not work in every case. Specific and sometimes humorous phrases or idioms characteristic for a certain country […]

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Localization Translation

Translations for the IT sector

It is difficult to properly function in the modern world without making use of the latest technology. New kinds of software and applications that appear on the market are often full of borrowings, or they are fully designed in a foreign language. Therefore, the demand for various IT sector translations is increasing. What is IT […]

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DTP service Interpretation Language Localization

How to choose a translation agency

Both in private and professional life, sometimes a need to translate a wide variety of texts or to use the services of an interpreter may arise. In such a case you need to contact an appropriate translation agency. How, though, can you make sure that you have made a good decision? Suitable services The most […]

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Language Localization Translation

Continuous localization

Globalization is a phenomenon affecting almost every large company. Nowadays, as a synonym of success, we can perceive introducing the largest number of products to new markets. However, it is not an easy process – it consists of multiple steps, including content adaptation to the needs of regional recipients. That is why traditional localization strategies […]

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