It is difficult to properly function in the modern world without making use of the latest technology. New kinds of software and applications that appear on the market are often full of borrowings, or they are fully designed in a foreign language. Therefore, the demand for various IT sector translations is increasing.

What is IT translation?

IT translation is nothing more than translation of the material related to, in a broad sense, the IT industry. It can be a translation of software, an application, videogame, websites, manuals, and documentation tied to information technology. Localization, which is an essential stage in the process of bringing products to new markets, is also extremely important.

How are the IT texts translated?

In order to make sure that the translated program or website works flawlessly, IT translation requires the usage of various translation techniques. It is important to properly “extract” the source text and then correctly write it back into the code. In the case of software or application translation, different tools that make the process easier prove invaluable.

Translator skills

An excellent proficiency in both foreign and native languages is expected of a translator specialised in this field. Some other requirements include:
• Knowledge of a wide range of subject matter concerned with IT, e.g., programming, system architecture
• Knowing technical vocabulary used in the field
• Experience in IT translating for the IT sector
• Technical skills; being familiar with specialised CAT tools is necessary for an IT translator
• Being up to date with IT novelties

How to choose a suitable translation agency to prepare an IT translation?

Translation for the IT sector has been a quickly developing area of translation in recent years; thus, it is offered by many companies. And for that reason, it is important to look for translation agencies with long-term experience in translating IT texts. Timely and reliable execution of the commissioned projects is equally essential. Flawlessness is vital in this kind of translation, because even the smallest mistake can cause a website or an application to crash. In our translation agency we provide the highest quality translations through cooperation with experienced translators working in the IT industry.

(Translation D. Ł.)

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