Dialogue lists – transcription and translating

Movies and TV series are an integral part of modern entertainment. For many people it’s a favourite way of spending free time thanks to the variety of topics, convenience of use and easy availability, which can be obtained in many ways – through streaming platforms, going to the cinema or watching TV. Transcription and translating […]

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Technical translations

Railways in translations

Railways play an important role in global economy, making effective long-distance transport of products and people possible. The business of translation plays an equally crucial role in making communication between people, who speak different languages, possible. The cooperation of these two fields is really important. Railroading becomes the bridge and translations made in Atominium are […]

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Simultaneous translation is a variety of interpretation connected to important events, which usually include meetings, presentations, international trade fairs, lectures, training sessions, speeches, negotiations and many others. Conference interpreting involves the interpreter creating a speech that not only conveys the speaker’s thoughts, but also reflects his or her emotions and manner of speaking, i.e. reproduces […]

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Marketing Translation

Translation of e-commerce and online shops

E-commerce is often more profitable than the traditional form of selling due to greater access to potential foreign customers. However, in order to maximise their sales opportunities, a retailer should not limit their shop only to their native language or English. As statistics show, more than half of all customers buy products online if they […]

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Language Translation

Neo-Gothic Translation

Continual changes in the language can become a hindrance for those translators who would like to take up translating texts which were written several dozen or even, a hundred years earlier. These texts are usually of high historical value while not many are able to read them. One example of this is Neo-Gothic script – […]

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Books Language

Difficulties in manga and anime translation

In Poland, the popularity of manga and anime continues to grow each year. The amount of manga publishers and frequent screening of Japanese animations in our cinemas are proof of this trend. Consequently, there is growing demand for Japanese translation services. But, translating manga and anime from as distinct language as Japanese is a great […]

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Language Uncategorized

Translations pharmaceutical and biomedical

Translations pharmaceutical and biomedical belongs to texts from highly specialised fields. They are one of the most demanding types of translations and entail great responsibility; the translator performing them must have perfect knowledge of the given language. The health of a person depends on their correctness. What are pharmaceutical and biomedical translations Translations of pharmaceutical […]

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Localization Translation

Translations for the IT sector

It is difficult to properly function in the modern world without making use of the latest technology. New kinds of software and applications that appear on the market are often full of borrowings, or they are fully designed in a foreign language. Therefore, the demand for various IT sector translations is increasing. What is IT […]

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