Simultaneous translation is a variety of interpretation connected to important events, which usually include meetings, presentations, international trade fairs, lectures, training sessions, speeches, negotiations and many others. Conference interpreting involves the interpreter creating a speech that not only conveys the speaker’s thoughts, but also reflects his or her emotions and manner of speaking, i.e. reproduces the tone of voice, humour, metaphors and other hidden meanings that the speaker wants to convey.


Consecutive interpreting

Interpretations may be divided in two ways. One is the use of a consecutive interpreter. During consecutive interpretating the interpreter waits util the speaker takes a break and thus he or she has the time to prepare. While the speaker is speaking, the interpreter takes notes and memorises as many details as possible using a variety of writing techniques so that a large number of words are quickly recorded. Typically, batches of the speaker and interpreter’s speech last from a few seconds to several minutes. Hence, consecutive interpretating is more often used for shorter or intimate meetings, as the final length can double.

Simultaneous interpreting

Another method of interpreting used at conferences is simultaneous interpretation. This takes place almost at the same time as the speaker’s speech and requires a soundproof booth and headphones for the participants. Interpreters, working in pairs, have very little time to hear, understand and translate the speaker’s speech. This requires a high stress resistance, good subject matter preparation, undivided attention, concentration and good diction as being essential. Simultaneous interpretation does not extend the duration of the meeting so it is worth using during all-day conferences.

Translation agency support

When it comes to conference interpreting, everything needs to be sewn up. Participants in such events are often people of high standing, representatives of national governments or international organisations. In such cases, it is worth taking advantage of the experience of a translation agency and entrusting the organisation of the interpreting to specialists who will provide high-quality interpretations, which include simultaneous, consecutive, whispered and sworn.

Atominium collaborates with quite a few interpreters. Clients most often seek one of the following solutions:

Voice-over interpretations via conference platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Lync or Skype Business are also becoming increasingly popular. The entire process, including IT facilities, is co-ordinated by us. Teleconferences for numerous shared online users are arranged.


Each time the interpretation is carried out by an interpreter who is an expert in the relevant field. The interpreter is usually agreed with the client – a preferred interpreter, in terms of experience or age, can be specified by the client. All Atominium interpreters are well-mannered, stress-free, communicative and follow the dress code.

Interpretation may be provided as standard or as part of sworn service. Any type of interpretation can be provided, regardless of the language combination – from standard Polish to English interpretation to Norwegian to German interpretation. You can invite guests from all over the world and then we will take care of the right mood and ensure effective communication.

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