Simultaneous translation is a variety of interpretation connected to important events, which usually include meetings, presentations, international trade fairs, lectures, training sessions, speeches, negotiations and many others. Conference interpreting involves the interpreter creating a speech that not only conveys the speaker’s thoughts, but also reflects his or her emotions and manner of speaking, i.e. reproduces […]

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Interpretation Language

What is interpreting?

When we think about interpreting, we associate it with a translator standing next to a speaker who is giving a speech in one language and translating their words to another language. Language knowledge is not the only needed skill; as an interpreter, you also need to have the ability to concentrate on many things at […]

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Interpretation Language Language learning Translation

Judicial and legal translations

Every type of specialised translation requires excellent knowledge of terminology and phraseology, and in the case of such a responsible task as document translation, its reliability is even more important. In order to appropriately prepare for such work, it is not enough to learn the relevant vocabulary, but it is also necessary to find out […]

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Books Culture Translation

Challenges in comic book translation

Translating comic books may seem an uncomplicated task. After all, there are helpful illustrations at our disposal and there is relatively little text. However, it is not so simple. The aspects which may have seemed to make things easier, turn out to pose biggest difficulties. Limitations Rarely do the word balloons containing the text stretch, […]

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Language Translation

German language – it’s not so difficult

Nowadays, the ability to communicate in foreign languages is extremely important – English alone is often not enough, and it is beneficial to learn other languages as well. One of them can be German – mastering it can be useful nowadays and guarantee many benefits. It is frequently used in corporations to manage international connections. […]

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Interpretation Language Translation

How do consecutive interpreters take their notes

The interpreter’s job does not lack plot twists as it often requires immense resourcefulness and swiftness of action. Imagine, for example, that there is a conference taking place in a company and it features a Norwegian entrepreneur. The rest of the participants do not know Norwegian, so his statement should be replicated in a way […]

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Culture Language Translation

Interpretation and emotions

Does an interpreter doing a consecutive interpretation or a simultaneous interpretation have a right to express emotions? Or maybe the interpreter should forfeit expressing emotions entirely while interpreting? Some situations, which warrant the use of an interpreter, can be quite overwhelming. So, in what ways should they behave in these situations? Interpretation of difficult and […]

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Easter with ATOMINIUM!

The ATOMINIUM Team would like to wish you all a Happy Easter! We hope this special holiday will be full of joy, peace and happiness. Also, please note that on Friday 15th and on Easter Monday (18th of April) our office will be closed. All your emails will be answered on Tuesday. Happy Easter!

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