Translations pharmaceutical and biomedical belongs to texts from highly specialised fields. They are one of the most demanding types of translations and entail great responsibility; the translator performing them must have perfect knowledge of the given language. The health of a person depends on their correctness.

What are pharmaceutical and biomedical translations

Translations of pharmaceutical and biomedical texts is nothing more than the translation of strictly medical documents language. Our translation agency offers translations of medical government reports, patient cards, safety protocols, biotechnological documentation, scientific articles or other scientific and technical texts. Other than the above-mentioned examples, the translator’s task is also the precise translation of flyers, test results, prescriptions and many other documents into the one chosen by the client language. Pharmaceutical translations come with a lot of responsibility, and fortunately a qualified team of translators copes well with them. They must maintain the substantive value of the message and meet the requirements of international standards, and at the same time choose the right terms in the target language with surgical precision.

What qualities should a translator translating medical documents have?

It’s important to choose a translator who is not only fluent in language, but also have education in medical sciences. Among the valuable skills of such a translator will be the ability to use appropriate medical sources and use the correct terminology. An experienced translator uses clear and concise language to make Pharmaceutical translations easy to understand. Due to the complexity of texts on the subject of pharmacy and biotechnology, it is important to consult with doctors, pharmacists or scientists.

Medical translations at ATOMINIUM

Translator agency Atominium takes care of translation of medical documentation. In our offer you will find mainly translations in the field of english, dutch, russian, ukrainian and much more, which are made by professional linguists with many years of experience. We also offer certified translations depending on the needs of our clients. Pharmaceutical translations and biomedical translations can be particularly useful for pharmaceutical companies, medicine importers, laboratories and research centres.

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