What are technical translations?

Technical translations are among the most complicated types of specialised translation. In order to prepare such a translation, the translator has to perfectly understand the contents of it, both in Polish and English. He or she should demonstrate specialised knowledge in a given field and be able to translate it flawlessly. After all, the efficiency […]

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Translating Chinese idioms

The translator’s job is arduous in of itself. Translating Chinese comes with additional challenges not present while translating western languages. This entry will mention some of the hardships a translator of Chinese language must face. Is there “Chinese language”? The term Chinese language doesn’t actually refer to one language; it is used to describe a […]

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How to choose a translation agency

Both in private and professional life, sometimes a need to translate a wide variety of texts or to use the services of an interpreter may arise. In such a case you need to contact an appropriate translation agency. How, though, can you make sure that you have made a good decision? Suitable services The most […]

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Medical translation and technology

Medicine is a field of study which everyone had a contact with at least once in their life. Doctor appointments in the vast majority of cases involve medical documentation – from important referrals and prescriptions to drug leaflets and test results. Such documents are often indispensable to us, especially if they are related to our […]

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Books Translation

Translating books – a dream or a nightmare?

Trying to define the profession of a translator, many people would list translating books as one of his or her main tasks. It is the case of not just the third party, but also those who may consider this occupation as a potential future career path. However, such an opinion hardly ever matches reality. So […]

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Do languages affect the way we see the world?

Language by some may be perceived solely as a method of direct communication, utterly disregarding the possibility that it might convey much more information than that. In the episode ‘Watch Your Mouth’ of the podcast Hidden Brain, Shankar Vedantam interviews a cognitive scientist Lera Boroditsky and a linguist John McWhorter, who share with the listeners […]

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Judicial and legal translations

Every type of specialised translation requires excellent knowledge of terminology and phraseology, and in the case of such a responsible task as document translation, its reliability is even more important. In order to appropriately prepare for such work, it is not enough to learn the relevant vocabulary, but it is also necessary to find out […]

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