Technical translations are among the most complicated types of specialised translation. In order to prepare such a translation, the translator has to perfectly understand the contents of it, both in Polish and English. He or she should demonstrate specialised knowledge in a given field and be able to translate it flawlessly. After all, the efficiency of companies, enterprises and factories depends on the translator’s work on many levels – proper translation of manuals, technical documentation or contracts allow, among other things, the correct installation, learning how to get them up and running quickly, or enables the terms of the agreements and contracts concluded to be fulfilled.

Types of technical translation

Technical translations can be divided into several categories.

Operating instructions – arguably the most known type of technical translation. Virtually every new everyday product comes with an operating instruction. Due to the fact that most of the products are manufactured abroad, such translations are crucial to the correct use of those products.

Assembly instructions – one of the most complicated types of technical translation. This complicated nature of assembly instructions could be experienced by those who survived the horror of assembling a bedside table or bed. As with every technical translation, it is important for the translator to faithfully reflect the meaning of original instruction and present it to the user in an accessible way.

Technical documentation on machinery and equipment – a set of rules concerning the usage of devices and machinery. The technical specification of the machinery might seem similar to the operating instructions but, in fact, it is much more complicated. In such documentation, maintenance principles and instructions for the safe use and operation of the machinery and equipment may appear.

Construction documents – another technical text, the translation of which bears great responsibility since the lives and safety of the occupants of a building constructed according to the translated documentation depend on it. In this case the translator should demonstrate a very good factual knowledge of construction and architecture.

Technical translations in ATOMINIUM

Atominium handles technical documentation translation. We are cooperating with linguists and professional translators with years of experience and technical knowledge, who know the specialist terminology and technical specifications. We offer technical translations in English, German, French, Ukrainian and many more languages.

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