Boring lessons and slaving over books doesn’t always have to be the basis of language learning.<br> If you enjoy watching TV shows, and you would like to improve your language skills, you most definitely should check out platforms streaming foreign language productions.

For people who want to familiarise themselves with the English language, Netflix has a plethora of options to choose from. Politics enthusiasts should check out <i>House of Cards</i>, but if slang is what you are after, then you should watch <i>Orange is the New Black</i>. If 80s English sounds more like your cup of tea, then you will love <i>Stranger Things,</i>. How about adding some history lessons to the mix?<br> In which case <i>The Crown</i> would be perfect for you, as it is a show following a story of the British royal family, and the perfect Queen’s English accent is a lovely bonus.

Lately, Netflix is opting for new foreign productions that are gaining in popularity rather than American productions that are plentiful. Thanks to films and TV shows, non-English speakers have<br> a chance to familiarise themselves with the pronunciation, flow of the speech, and enrich their vocabulary.

Enthusiasts of the Spanish language would be happy to find two big productions – <i>Money Heist</i> and <i>Narcos</i>. If you are interested in the German language, then <i>Dark,</i> and <i>Dogs of Berlin</i> are the most addictive shows out there. For those learning French, <i>Lupin</i> or <i>Call My Agent!</i> are a perfect option. However, beyond that, Netflix also has shows where characters use less popular languages, for example <i>Caliphate,</i> where you can hear the mixture of Swedish and Arabic, <i>Scared Games</i> has Hindi, and <i>Squid Game</i> uses Korean.

The rage of shows in foreign languages available on Netflix is large, and watching them in the original and with subtitles (or without) allows for immersing oneself in a language from the comfort of one’s own sofa while relaxing. Foreign-language productions are a great driving force for the translation market – after all, subtitles for a film or a TV show need to be translated.

Additionally, numerous articles and books are written and published all over the world, and they also need to be translated. Let us therefore welcome such linguistic diversity in the media and make the most of the opportunities it offers us. In the name of the final episodes of season 5 of <i>Money Heist,</i>, let’s sing <i>Bella ciao!</i>

(Translation K.P.)

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