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Silbo Gomero – a whistled language

The Canary Islands are one of the most popular destinations during the summer holidays. Tourists are drawn there thanks to the impressive landscapes, pleasant climate and well-developed hotel infrastructure. Apart from that, the islands have an interesting past as well as some unique customs. One of them is a peculiar language of people from La […]

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Italian-Spanish False Friends and Cognates

Since Italian and Spanish share a close Latin origin, Italian speakers who communicate in italiano standard and Spanish speakers using castellano are able to chat and exchange ideas to some extent. However, when we consider words that sound alike in both languages but completely differ in meaning, a lot of amusing and certainly puzzling situations […]

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What can Spotify tell you about languages

It would seem that the English language is present in everybody’s day-to-day life; it is an official language of the United Nations, the language of choice for international contacts, and has been described as the first universal modern language of mankind. Additionally, it is a leading language in pop culture, mainly cinematography. But what about […]

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Netflix and learn!

Boring lessons and slaving over books doesn’t always have to be the basis of language learning.<br> If you enjoy watching TV shows, and you would like to improve your language skills, you most definitely should check out platforms streaming foreign language productions. For people who want to familiarise themselves with the English language, Netflix has […]

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