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The Curious Case of Michał Perliński

Speaking only one foreign language, which is most often English, can bring about feelings of monotony, boredom and lack of progress in terms of learning. On the other hand, it may give rise to a desire to start studying a new language. There are numerous ways to learn and perfect it. These techniques can be […]

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What can Spotify tell you about languages

It would seem that the English language is present in everybody’s day-to-day life; it is an official language of the United Nations, the language of choice for international contacts, and has been described as the first universal modern language of mankind. Additionally, it is a leading language in pop culture, mainly cinematography. But what about […]

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Netflix and learn!

Boring lessons and slaving over books doesn’t always have to be the basis of language learning.<br> If you enjoy watching TV shows, and you would like to improve your language skills, you most definitely should check out platforms streaming foreign language productions. For people who want to familiarise themselves with the English language, Netflix has […]

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