Looking for new opportunities in the global market for your company? Whenever you deliver services for business, run an online shop or are willing to sell your product abroad, the crucial thing is collecting Internet data about a certain product, service or company.

Whatever you sell or whatever kind of business you run, the key to your success are customers’ opinions and feedback in general on the Internet. Gathering data in foreign language helps you to analyse your present or future position and possible dangers in a foreign market.

There are multiple sources of product data on the Internet, not only opinions in the shops from buyers. A lot of data appears in chats, social media and blog texts, as well as different kinds of forums and discussion groups.

Let’s imagine you are Polish entrepreneur of a chocolate company and you want to enter the Chinese market. What you need for your success is to gather information in Chinese about your possible rivals on the market (for example other European companies selling their products in China as well as Chinese chocolate producers). You need to examine if the market competitors sell the same kind of chocolate as you want to, what are the prices, how poplar are their products and – last but not least – the most important thing which is customer feedback about the products. You might find out that, for example, the chocolate products already released in Chinese markets have some positive or negative feedback. For example Chinese customers can complain about the product’s price, the product itself (for example that the chocolate is far too sweet for their ‘Asian taste’), there might even be multiple feedbacks about the product package look and advertisements.

An international translation agency can not only gather the multilingual data for you, but also translate the text from Chinese into Polish, as well as prepare statistics and marketing analyses based on the multilingual data findings.

Such information helps you to prepare for a foreign market investment accordingly. You can localise your advertising and packaging as well as adjust the chocolate ingredients and price to the local market in order to gain competitive advantage. If you are already in the market, such analyses can help you multiply your income on the product by modifying your offer and promotion accordingly.

Multilingual Data Analyses is a complex service consisting of foreign language data gathering, its translation and marketing analyses preparation, all provided by one company which helps you to save time, costs and enables smooth communication to provide the best quality service.


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