As everyone knows, a sense of humor is a topic of counterintuitive complexity and a strongly individual one. Words that are met with loud laughs and approbation during a house-party in a circle of closest friends, may often turn out to be embarrassing or inappropriate at a meeting with colleagues from work.

This phenomenon also takes place on a larger scale between different circles, based on the culture and language used by a particular group of people. Therefore, when <a href=””>translating</a> jokes, anecdotes and indirect messages such as sayings or morals, it is necessary to consult the prepared text with a number of professional translators in order to achieve the highest possible quality of <a href=””>translation</a> without losing the initial meaning. This, on the one hand, makes it possible to create content in line with the concept of cultural relativism, and on the other hand it minimizes the probability of committing a language faux-pas or offending the individual feelings, beliefs or faith of the audience of a given text.

The Polish game-making industry has recently come into a phase of very rapid development, creating a fertile ground for both the small studios sprouting up all around, which bring together the talents of a few amateur developers, and the enormous, organized staffs of creators which are responsible for the separate aspects of productions from the AAA genre (the “Triple-A” category refers to the works of the highest of budgets, both in terms of money spent on production and on promotion. Every other product not included in this kind is referred to as a “Category B” game).

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A perfect example of such creative work, filled with a bouquet of cultural references and small, situational jokes, is a game titled as “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” and, to a slightly lesser degree, the most recent “Cyberpunk 2077” from the biggest Polish game-making studio CD-Project Red. In the case of the former, one cannot miss the strong connection with Slavic folklore while completing quests such as “Witch Hunting” or conducting rituals in “Family Matters”. These connections let the player experience the mysticism which engulfed the forests and their alleged not-so-human inhabitants, as well as the settlements in which unexplained events take place.

Game developers who want to introduce their product to foreign markets should make sure to use the services of a <a href=””>translation</a> agency for it to professionally carry out <a href=””>translation</a> and localization. In this process, it is of high importance to grasp the essence of content or humorous motifs, and to dress them up in words taken from the target language while keeping the original meaning.

This art often proves to be uniquely hard to master, because it does not revolve only around the <a href=””>translation</a> of words, but also around making contact with the receiver of a certain message on more than the one plane of the text alone. Therefore it is necessary to include a human factor into the process of <a href=””>translation</a>, a factor which remains an elusive target for algorithms such as Google Translate or even more state-of-the-art engines based on machine learning.

Localization, the settling of products such as computer games into a certain culture, has a critical meaning for awakening a demand for a particular product outside of the borders of the country it has been made in. This also means an influence on the future of a studio which brings together developers, for nowadays it is nearly impossible to remain afloat by delivering products which lack at least an English language version.

The factors listed above, connected with the process of <a href=””>translation</a> of a text and localizing it, clearly show the necessity of selection of appropriately experienced and talented translators, who know both of the languages between which the <a href=””>translation</a> takes place precisely, along with cultural context and wordplay which they include.

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