Dla tłumaczy Marketing Między słowami

How can translation of marketing content attract more clients?

What significance does translation of marketing content hold? Marketing in Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane’s definition is the process of identification and gratification of people’s needs. Although this branch is mostly associated with sales, its role is much larger than that. Entrepreneurs restricting themselves just to the area of sales might not gain the expected […]

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Dla tłumaczy Kącik kulturalny Marketing Między słowami

A Polish ship on Anglo-lingual waters – lingual and cultural nuances in computer games

As everyone knows, a sense of humor is a topic of counterintuitive complexity and a strongly individual one. Words that are met with loud laughs and approbation during a house-party in a circle of closest friends, may often turn out to be embarrassing or inappropriate at a meeting with colleagues from work. This phenomenon also […]

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