What significance does translation of marketing content hold?

Marketing in Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane’s definition is the process of identification and gratification of people’s needs. Although this branch is mostly associated with sales, its role is much larger than that. Entrepreneurs restricting themselves just to the area of sales might not gain the expected effects and profits. Marketing consists of characteristics such as good familiarity with the marketplace and its analysis, and the ability to prepare precise strategies, containing different procedures with mixed techniques.

The concept of marketing is extremely broad, so we can distinguish various types. One of the most popular these days is online marketing, aka e-marketing. Its main goal is to increase the visibility of the company on the Internet, by reason of the fact that traders are able to find more potential clients there.

How to improve the efficiency of marketing?

It is worth paying attention to marketing content, which the language barrier prevents from entering foreign markets. An offer made just in English, as a lingua franca, involves merely over one-third of the market. Translating it into a few more of the most popular languages, such as Chinese, Spanish or French, offers the opportunity to attract the interest of a bigger group of receivers. The majority of purchasers admit that they do not use the company’s services nor buy products whose descriptions they are unable to read in their mother tongue. Therefore the provision of services in the native language is the key to success.

To prepare a good translation, an understanding of the specifics and laws that govern marketing and commerce are required. Creativity and familiarisation with words also hold great importance as features of a translator. In marketing translations, translating word by word from one language to another can never be good enough. Of course, correctness and a reliable translation are the basis of every translation; however, the point of such translations is placement, that is capturing the general sense of a slogan and an advertisement, in such a way that foreign customers can understand it clearly. Translators often need to use a new word to preserve the original meaning of a text. It seems that marketing translations are not something complicated, nonetheless, they require a lot of experience, knowledge and a sense of language.

It is not uncommon that apart from a translation agency, editors and copywriters are also involved in translating the marketing content. They are drawing up the texts and adapting them to the requirements of recipients.

The success of each brand generally depends on the customers’ satisfaction. Thanks to the support of professional translators and Project Managers, entrepreneurs have the possibility to reach many more clients, ensuring service in their first language and improving sales in the meantime.

(translation K.G.)

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