Językoznawstwo Kącik kulturalny Między słowami

Behavioural linguistics

In the 21st century, mankind experience an unprecedented level of information flow, and thus, the creation of numerous offers aimed at attracting as many customers as possible. However, it is easy to get lost in the overflow of data, and new marketing strategies are failing because of the excessive amount of content and the lack […]

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Dla tłumaczy Kącik kulturalny Marketing Między słowami

A Polish ship on Anglo-lingual waters – lingual and cultural nuances in computer games

As everyone knows, a sense of humor is a topic of counterintuitive complexity and a strongly individual one. Words that are met with loud laughs and approbation during a house-party in a circle of closest friends, may often turn out to be embarrassing or inappropriate at a meeting with colleagues from work. This phenomenon also […]

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Dla tłumaczy Kącik kulturalny Marketing Technikalia

How to translate the texts of the songs correctly?

We listen to music every single day. Undoubtedly, on the current music market English songs are in the dominant position. However, they are not performed only by English or American vocalists. English language, as today’s lingua franca, is considered to be the language of a ‘soft’ and pleasant sound in songs. Nevertheless, among many musicians […]

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Językoznawstwo Kącik kulturalny Podróże

Global importance of Spanish language

Spanish language is the secondmost popular language in the world, right after English . It’s estimated that this language is used globally by 500 million people.  More and more people decide to start a Spanish language course, which is resulting in the wide popularization of this language. The benefits of knowing Spanish are apparent in […]

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