Spanish language is the secondmost popular language in the world, right after English . It’s estimated that this language is used globally by 500 million people.  More and more people decide to start a Spanish language course, which is resulting in the wide popularization of this language. The benefits of knowing Spanish are apparent in many different aspects of life. The most important of them are tourism, business, pop culture and the job market.


Fluent knowledge of Spanish language  allows for free communication with the local people of the 21 countries in which Spanish is an official language.  The majority of these countries are very popular tourist destinations, full of attractions, beautiful views and buildings, which many travel enthusiasts would love to see at least once in their life.  A few examples of the most beautiful Spanish-language countries are Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Mexico. All of them are very popular tourist destinations. Above all, knowing the language of a particular country allows us to fully comprehend its culture. Thanks to this, a regular sightseeing excursion becomes an experience with a long-standing cultural heritage.

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Both in Poland and worldwide, Spanish is becoming more and more important,  and can be used when establishing cooperation with Spanish-language companies. The best example of a non-Spanish-language country where the Spanish language is one of the most important assets during a job interview is the United States. This is a country in which the importance of the Spanish language is growing at such a rapid pace that it’s estimated that by the year 2050 it will become an official language. Due to increasing demand, Spanish translators have more and more work. Fully professional translation is an essential part of any company which aspires to enter the Spanish-language market.


Another factor which makes Spanish language so important nowadays is pop culture. More specifically this means music, TV series and movies. Spanish-language music is gaining huge popularity worldwide and it’s becoming an inseparable part of party playlists. The best example of a Spanish TV series that has won the hearts of fans around the world is “Money Heist” (Orig. “La Casa de Papel”). The growth in popularity of these elements of culture makes the translator’s job essential. Thanks to their precise translation and localization services , viewers who do not speak Spanish are able to enjoy TV series and movies as much as Spanish speaking people.

In conclusion, the Spanish language is gaining more and more popularity and importance internationally and everything indicates that its position will continue to grow. Who knows, maybe in the distant future the Spanish language will replace the English language as the most popular language in the world? Considering the relative ease of learning it, such a scenario might come true.

(translation M. L. K)

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