Being a freelancer has become very popular in recent years and is slowly becoming an equivalent form of taking up a job. More and more often, we hear that someone works as a freelancer or is looking for a job in this mode. However, many people still do not know exactly what this word means.

Who is a freelancer?

Simply put, a freelancer is a person who carries out designated tasks and projects for the client, while not working full-time and most often specialises in one specific field. His/her work is characterised by greater freedom, the possibility of choosing orders, hours and places of work.

You can do many freelance professions, but the greatest demand is in the creative industries. For example, translators, copywriters, content writers or ghost writers – these are the professions that are most often performed remotely.

What is the job of a freelance translator?

The profession of a translator is an ideal example of a job that does not require a permanent day job. It is very rare for a translator to work for one company and have regular working hours as this profession involves taking various orders, from different clients and often in different locations. That is why translators usually work remotely, adapting to selected projects and imposed requirements. Being a translator is by far the most popular freelancer.

Creative work of a copywriter

It is hard to find a good equivalent of this word in Polish. For many people, this profession may be associated with copying and rewriting content, however this is a misconception. The copywriter is responsible for creating texts and slogans that are often used in advertising. He/she also prepares scripts or edits texts.

Work for a copywriter can be found in virtually any company, although it is most often sought by advertising or PR agencies. A copywriter can work full-time, but most often he/she is a freelancer.

What does a content writer do?

A content writer is nothing more than a strict definition of a copywriter, more specific, because of such a precise word as ”content”. It is the content writer who creates thematic content to increase the substantive value of the company, which translates into better SEO results, as well as greater trust in the eyes of the recipients.

Texts created by a content writer include specialised information, often supported by a lot of scientific research. The content is reliable, valuable and also fully correct in terms of language. In short, there is no better candidate for creating quality articles.

Who uses the services of ghost writers?

A ghost writer is a person who is paid to write, edit and correct all content that will be published under the name of the client. Madeleine Morel, an agent who works with many ghost writers, estimates that about 70% of the books on the biggest bestseller lists were written by “ghost writers”.

Summing up, we can say that the popularisation of the above professions and the development of freelancing in the world has benefitted from the ease and speed of using the Internet, which enables the free flow of information every day for billions of people around the world. Especially nowadays, when the coronavirus pandemic has caused many full-time workers to lose their only source of income.

(translation M. L.)

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