Dla tłumaczy Językoznawstwo Kącik kulturalny

The resurrected language

It can be intimidating to approach Hebrew for the first time. A different writing system, a different language family. Not to mention reading the other way around! But don’t worry, the Devil is not so black as he is painted, or rather written. Hebrew vs. Yiddish Hebrew’s history has been marked by ups and downs, […]

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Dla tłumaczy Językoznawstwo Marketing Nowości i promocje Technikalia Tutoriale

Product localization into Polish

Entering the Polish market? Most important tips about localization of proper names into Polish. Since Poland is one of the biggest markets in Central Europe, many global companies are willing to enter this market. This process is undoubtedly impossible without a product’s professional translation and localisation from English, regardless of the type of product. Many […]

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