A short introduction to the festival

OFF Camera festival has been organised from 2008 in the city of Krakow and its main objective is the promotion of Polish and foreign cinema. Film projects are organised in small and cosy Kraków cinemas in the centre of the old town and are dedicated to a wide cinema-going audience.

The event brings together young filmmakers from all over the world, film directors, actors, and experts from the film industry. A great advantage of this project is the fact that attendees have a direct possibility to commune directly with the film makers.

Discovering new horizons

At this year’s festival audience one could find a lot interesting cycles, several of them were well known to the public, such as for example ,’Panorama’, ’Festival Hits’ and ’American Independents’.

The creators focused their attention as well on showing and expanding the word ‘crisis’.
Presented by them was the section ’Crisis has more than one name’, with released films that would unequivocally explore their affiliation with this term through issues related to politics, ecology, continuing with family relations and ending on the climatic situation or a crisis of spirituality.

Also presented was the series called ’Nordic Horizons’, whose main goal was to promote Norwegian and Icelandic cinematography, which still remain rather obscure with the Polish community.

The movies, displayed in cooperation with the organisers of the Bergen International Festival, showed us what is typical in Nordic cinema, and themes that are the most interesting and widely discussed – for example, Vikings, beautiful nooks and the Northern Lights are not the only associations that should be associated with Scandinavia

Films such as ‘Disco’, where a close family entourage and a world of religion deals with the dance passion of the young heroine of the drama or, for example, ‘What will people say’, which shows a conflict of values in a Pakistani family and a clash between East and the West, and vividly presents the daily picture of life of people from the north.

An event just like OFF Camera – due to its recognisability in Europe as well as the multiculturalism of the guests who take part in this project – involves the necessity to use the services of an interpreter whose task is not only the translation of subtitles or the speakers’ presentations, but also areas such as <a href=”https://www.atominium.com/en”>localization</a>. of scripts or assisting at the festival in order that participants can find a common language and enjoy being a part of this cultural event.

(translated by S.K.)

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