The capital city of England as well as United Kingdom is undoubtedly one of the most well-known metropolis in the world, providing a huge part of  influence into contemporary culture or sports so to speak.  Furthermore, there’s a really broad story behind the former “Londinium”, making this city even more attractive.

But I am about to focus on an issues that put London as the place that attracts great amount of people for some reason, indeed. Are you a huge sports fan? That’s the city, you have to explore! You definitely wouldn’t experience any boredom as London ought to be called the proud capital of European football, offering its national stadium known as Wembley, plus other outstanding arenas of one of the most well-known clubs in the world.

Despite the sports factor, where football entangles with the city’s late modern history, London has much more to offer instead. Let me try to make an itinerary itself. Considering, that Wembley is already behind us, thus we should take a closer look on river Thames that surely has much to offer as its riverbank is likely surrounded by the most significant touristic spots.

Up first here comes the Big Ben placed at the left side of the riverbank. The great symbol not only of London but surely of the United Kingdom, is also known as the Elizabeth Tower. It holds the world’s largest chiming clock with the bell initially weighing 16 tons( the so-called “original bell”). Absolute must-see attraction being there, for the further notice, a real pride to the inhabitants indicating along with double-decker buses, that this is London as well as England, indeed. At the south end of the Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster emerges as the well-known Houses of parliament. The neo-Gothic style of this chateau provides unique landscape along with the Big Ben, what makes a left riverbank of Thames the veritable back to the past.

The only negative issue concerning description of London in the way I do, is surely the huge amount of spots, that are worth to visit and at least spare a glance.

So in a short, now let’s take a look on the south riverbank, where we can find the London’s Eye. Opened to the public on 9 march 2000, is the Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel as well as one of the most effectively looking attraction in the world. Since day one, 30 milion people have participated in this special experience, what makes this structure the biggest attraction in London in relation to popularity.

There is no way of overlook the Buckingham Palace, located in the City of Westminster, the residence of monarchy with the famous public façade and ahead of the St James’s Park Lake. It is the world’s largest royal castle still fulfilling its original commitments. If you are interested in putting a closer look inside this prominent structure, there wouldn’t be any problem. While Elizabeth II, the Queen of the United Kingdom is on vacation, the Buckingham apartments are opened as a tourist attraction so you can feel like from a royal family at least for a while.

That list would last over the next fifteen pages or even more what actually shows the pure attractiveness of the city. Because what about Tower Bridge, Hyde Park, Oxford University or Churchill War Rooms? That’s what I am talking about. London is indeed the city that could gain an attention of every individual  because of its diversity. Once you see the culture side or the sports phenomenon, you’ll be already booking another ticket TO London.


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