Sometimes learning in the language school or at the university is not enough to achieve the fluency in foreign language we dream of. Many graduates complain about not enough classes with native speakers or no money to go abroad to practice. But you can easily develop language without moving out or even leaving our home!

There are many ways to learn language outside the school and university. Restaurants visited by foreigners willing to speak in different languages are getting more and more popular. These are called Language Exchange Clubs. You can find them in most of big european cities. Some of them are everyday visited by the group of people from a different country. On Monday, for example, we can speak English there, on Tuesday – German and so on. But usually you have to give something back, and help your ‘teachers’ in learning your mother tongue. It’s a great way to develop speaking skills while giving foreigners the opportunity to get to know your country’s culture and language.

People who’d rather stay at home can easily make use of technology while learning languages. It’s possible to meet people without going anywhere, using Skype. No, there is no need to search for users, call them and ask ‘Would you like to talk to me?’ is a website designed to help people find foreigners. Using simple interface you can find people from all over the world willing to talk. You just have to choose the language to learn and the language of speaker’s interest and choose user from the list.

As we can see not enough money to go abroad or inappropriate teaching programme are not the problems anymore.


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