Since the early days of Charlie Chaplin’s output, USA have popularized the general meaning of what the movie is and should be, raising an American cinema to its glory as the current Hollywood’s cradle continues to maintain that state of things.

In these times, America is suffering the issue, what is likely resulting of too developed film industry. That leads to the point, where the average of magnificent as well as horrible movies is basically the same. Of course, it’s still the status going around the Los Angeles district, that what is literally the best, must surely come from Hollywood. Yes, that’s true if the following thoughts going through your mind after reading last sentence consider Hollywood as phony and too self-centered. Indeed, as they can be so called precursors of the very shape of today’s cinematography, it’s got to be admitted, that currently the European movie industry is also appearing not so bad at all. Scandinavia is looking straightly forward to become a serious drama masters, especially when we’re talking about Denmark. On the other hand, The French industry looks very encouraging and is set to improve as the Cannes festival is on its path to be called the European Oscars either way. And last, but definitely not least, we’ve got the British cinema itself, featuring quite raw and not so polite stories, but surely with the great acting, captivating plot and typical, British sense of humor. In addition, they have raised the well-known actors that provided to Hollywood intensity and some sort of class, mentioning Gary Oldman or Christian Bale in the first place. And that’s definitely not only two proud sons of Great Britain at all.

In America there is absolutely no way of pointing out the factors that describe their movies. It’s all and it’s nothing. There are without a doubt masterpieces of a global scale as well as totally outrageous performances, that cannot be excused in any way. In fact, even the huge pile of money is not the way out. And as we know, Hollywood is worth more than a lot of smaller cities in USA itself. And thus that funds are being spoiled, although there are a significant cases, where the truly bad shows become a real, commercial success.

So does America mean Hollywood? If we talk about the film industry, yes, definitely. But surely not in the way, the regular American concludes. There is always a two sides of gold and there is no exception in this issue too. Behind the Atlantic Ocean, movie business means very, very lot, so for the further notice, it’s kind of natural, that the country with such a big experience in making movies is actually the most developed industry, concerning its magnitude. Either way, it’s got to be admitted, that they are the one, who has given a huge credit to cinema back in the far past, when the movie business was considered as the entertainment rather for the not really wealthy part of community.


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