Everyone can write

Apparently, all can be achieved with a little willingness, but it cannot be denied that everyone has an individual predisposition to various fields. The talent of the characters of this post was my inspiration and we are talking about… writers.

But let us not be misled by the first association. We do not mean the popular role played by book authors. We will look at working with text and creating a much broader and applying a new perspective. We will focus on two related but also different professions.

We want to present a copywriter, that is a multitasking person and SEO copywriter who is the creator on time.


During the day it is impossible to avoid coming across at least one advertisement, if not by seeing it but hearing it on the radio. We are surrounded by mass media and technology. Have you ever wondered who actually created these ads?

Yes, more and more often it is the job of copywriters not only to prepare texts, but also to write scripts or create slogans. Their work goes far beyond confining themselves to coming up with an advertising slogan or writing catchy press text. They are co-creators with a noteworthy portfolio, and copywriting is an endless opportunity. This work leaves no room for boredom; on the contrary… it captures the imagination.

All very well, but what exactly is copywriting? And here is a moment of consternation, because the name could point to something completely different. However, simply and accurately stated, it is the art of selling using the written word. This evokes relevant associations with marketing activities, as the purpose is to sell the product as best as possible.

Crucial in doing this work is first of all the ability to understand the needs of the reader and catch his/her attention – after all, a good impression can be made only once, and the first few seconds are decisive.

Copywriting SEO

It is easy to see in surrounding everyday life many expressions of marketing, among which the Internet plays a dominant role. It is definitely an excellent way to achieve sales on a huge scale, as well as to attract international customers. However, there is one fundamental question: how not to perish on the Internet among all these sites, how to achieve success and canvass the reader. The statement that you should not judge a book by its cover is true, but at this point completely non-functional.

Often the first few sentences decide whether we will delve into further reading, but for this to happen we must first find the desirable side. How do we make ours appear before others? How to increase searches? The answer is … copywriting SEO (Eng. Search Engine Optimization). The task of the contractor in this field is to create intriguing content on the internet in accordance with SEO guidelines.

These guidelines are like hints from a prompter, for whom the text was written by an excellent copywriter. The conclusion of keywords and keyword phrases allows for an increase in popularity in search engines, and optimization outside of content increases the visibility on the Internet. SEO guidelines not only support, they are also an obligatory point to create text and the page.

The facilitation and advantage of an SEO copywriter is, above all else, knowledge of graphics programs and familiarity with the media and current news. Especially the last one should be taken into account in this work, because trends on the Internet appear and disappear much faster.

It’s not always easy

However, do not forget about the most important person. Of course, all this would not have happened without our text creator, whose work at first glance would seem easy and pleasant, but does it really look like that?

Undoubtedly, it is a challenge that needs not only writing skills, but above all creativity and vision. An idea that will stand out from the others and attract attention.

The problem often turns out to be the struggle against time, more precisely the pressure associated with the deadlines for completing the task. It is also worth mentioning here about the strong character, which is a salvation during writer’s block and patience, because inspiration often does not appear immediately. These and other difficulties comes along the way, however satisfaction and contentment with well done work is the justifiable reward.

(translation M.Z.)

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