If the roasting air takes the best out of you here are some tips on how to stay cool even in the worst of the summer days.

Drink water

No surprise here: when the temperature rises it is crucial to stay hydrated. Remember that your body needs water, not just any other liquid. Soda and alcohol, especially chilled, may seem tempting yet they will only cause more thirst. It is also a good idea to drink unsweetened warm tea. During a heat wave the last thing you should do is to drink ice cold beverages. Your body temperature is so high that the touch of a freezing soda can be dangerous.

Avoid too low air conditions

Let’s face it – when the thermometer shows 35 degrees outside you are pampering yourself with 20 degrees chilly air conditioning. Wrong! By doing so can you only cause a thermal shock to your body. Proper use of it should be only up to 5 degrees less than the temperature outside. But … who really does that?

Take care of your cooling points

Did you know that there are a few points on your body that can refresh you better than the others? Think about your pulses: wrists, neck, behind the knees or ears. If you want to cool yourself really quickly, place some ice cubes to these points (through a piece of cloth) or simply pour some cold water over them. Refreshment guaranteed!

Closing windows

Remember to close windows during the day and open them again at night. The air is naturally chillier when the sun is down, so closing windows during the day will keep the sun away from your room and, consequently, limit the heated air. Also, remember that you can use more sun protection: cover shields with curtains! The more the better. Now, open your windows at night and let that air flow. Breathe in!

Lights down

Light bulbs create energy – and so more heat. Try to minimise them during the evenings. A romantic dinner by candle light perhaps? Luckily for us the summer evenings are really long so you can use natural light for quite a long time.

Finally – sun protection

If you have to go outside during the most scorching hours (11 AM – 2 PM) always wear sunglasses, a hat or cap and some sunscreen. This appears essential yet many people forget about it. Summer is the best season but you need to remember how to stay cool and not let your fun in the sun turn into live size barbeque! Roasted legs, anyone?


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