20th – 30th of July 2017 was an amazing time in Wrocław (Poland) – 10 days of competition, 3500 athletes from 112 countries around the world, 31 sporting disciplines and TV transmission in 131 countries worldwide. The World Games 2017 are now history but we will definitely remember them for a long time.

The World Games are an international sports event, meant for disciplines that we cannot see at the Olympic Games. From American football, speedway, squash or karate, which we all probably know, to for example fistball or korfball, of which I have only heard for the first time during The World Games.

It is a great celebration of sport… An international event… A promotion of the city and country around the world … But above all, it is an exceptional idea to promote exercise and a healthy lifestyle – these sentences we can read on the official website of the World Games 2017. I can perfectly agree with them – I believe that many people, watching the competition, have thought: “This is something for me that I would like to try”. And probably many others will wait impatiently for the next important event in the discipline they have liked the most. I can say this from my personal experience – I have always loved beach handball and I was really happy that the matches were played during my holidays.

Also, the Polish team has many causes to be satisfied – they won 30 medals: 9 gold, 10 silver and 11 bronze and it was their best ever effort at The World Games. We hope that in 2021 in Birmingham (Alabama, USA) it will be even better.


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