Are you overwhelmed because your holidays have come to an end? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way! The holidays can last all year and it doesn’t require you to be lazy to make it true. You may do a double-take but a well-conceived daily schedule will guarantee success.

When we think of holidays we usually imagine ourselves lying on a beautiful beach somewhere in an exotic tropical paradise. But sometimes a day off is just a couple of hours spent on rest and relaxation. This is the correct mindset with which to approach your free time. We don’t have to travel around the world to get away from the stress of today’s hurried life. If we spend eight to ten hours at work, we can choose a day in a week which we partly devote to our social lives. This is very important because enjoying time with others is key to a positive state of mind.

Short-distance trips are another wise use of a day off. The first five days of the week are devoted to your employer. The next two should be devoted to yourself! Grab your backpack, some snacks, a friend and hit the road. There is nothing like the energy harnessed from a nice and productive weekend. Many popular destinations don’t require a large investment of travel time. You surely want to spend the majority of your weekend at your chosen place of relaxation rather than spending a lot of time getting there!

I use my own advice and I hope it benefits you too! Like you, I also have to blow off some steam at the end of the week. Before you plan the rest of the year, please take advantage of the remainder of the summer season. There are still a few weeks of good weather left!


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