In the middle of November the autumn seems to lose all its colourful beauty. Halloween, All Saint’s Day is long gone and shoppers are looking for a new items to stuff into their shopping baskets. Then, all of a sudden, characteristic autumnal menus and decorations are replaced with Christmas lights, gingerbread and Santa’s hats. Is Christmas coming every year a little earlier or are we just getting tricked by shop owners in desperate need of selling as many decorations as possible?

Let’s face it: Christmas is one of the best occasions for an easy bait for almost all shops and company owners. It is a perfect excuse to send gifts so everybody buys and buys. Tempted by the flickering lights and the warm delicious smell of gingerbread and cocoa, we cheerfully enter shopping centers for our seasonal supplies. It is all very home-like, reminding us of home cooking and the safety of our family houses. Marketers do their best to make us feel this way and so spend more money and start doing it earlier. We know this, and so do all the big corporations. So why do we fall into this trap every year?

Psychology experts say that the people who start celebrating Christmas earlier are happier than those who wait (source: The reason for this is nothing other than those sweet childhood memories. Your inner child is eager to hop in and put up those Christmas decorations to make you feel stress free again. Those were the times, am I right? The excitement, presents, food and the atmosphere of pure magic. Well, the magic of Christmas seems to fade away as we get older. A lack of time always makes us feel in a hurry, frustrated and lonely. With that in mind, is it really that strange to feel excited whenever the first decorations are put out on the shelves?

It is the perfect time to bond with your friends and family so why wait? Of course maybe in the middle of August you had better hide those sleighs back in the closet, but now in the middle of November is it really too early? Why don’t we just have a cup of hot chocolate and snuggle up under a warm fluffy blanket watching the lights on a Christmas tree? It surely won’t do us any harm 🙂


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