When the days are shorter and we can see the sun only for few hours a day, we usually have less energy to do anything. If you have no possibility to travel to one of the countries where it is summer now, you have to find another solution to this problem.

fot. Barbara Bączek


Have you ever heard the term “summer song”? I am sure you have! Some types of music are definitely associated with positive things, such as a sun, warmth, holidays … When you listen to them, you immediately get a lot of energy, even if there are only clouds beyond the window. It is a great idea for example to get a little bit of motivation to clean up your flat.
Do you have your favourite “summer song”? If so, share it with us.

Physical activity

Scientists agree that when you do physical exercises, your brain produces endorphins – neurochemicals that can make you feel much better. You feel something similar to euphoria and, even if you are sweaty and physically tired, you get ready mentally for the challenges which you couldn’t force yourself earlier to meet. There is a lot of activities to choose from: dance, gym, running, swimming, skiing … You just have to find the best one for you.

Light therapy lamps and … sunlight

In many countries (for example Scandinavia) the lamps that emit the light similar to the sun are very popular. Maybe you also should try them? It is not the same, of course; however, as the Polish proverb says: “If you cannot have the thing you like, you have to like the thing you have”.
There is also one more important point – remember that even in the Autumn and Winter there are some days with a lot of sunlight. Use it as often as you have possibility to do so – don’t say that you are too tired to go outside, is too cold, etc. … When your skin gets some of the sun’s rays, you will feel like you were born again 🙂


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