In multicultural business environment it seems impossible not to, at some stage, use the services of a translation agency. It is a faster and cheaper way of finding a good translator that suits your text best. So, you send your content to the translation agency and they give it to the translator who happens to sit next to them… Right? Well, no, not really. Keep reading and you will find out how translation agencies really do work, based on the example of our office.

1. The Office and translators
First of all, you should know how our office looks. We are lucky enough to work with the best specialists in the market. We have editors, project managers, a sales team etc. What we don’t have in our lovely office is translators. We communicate with them via e-mail or phone. Why? Think about it: our translator database consists of specialists in almost every language you can imagine. Can you see the number of people yet? Now, add to it specialists in business language, technical, literature… That sounds like a lot of people! That’s why we don’t have them here. Also, many of the best translators live in different cities or countries, yet we want them to be able to work for you to provide you with the best translation. But don’t worry – our communication is faster than ever!

2. Perfect match
When you accept the project we are going to read it and match it with the translator who is specialized in that particular topic. A marketing text? We’ve got somebody for you. A medical text? No problem, we know exactly whom we should send it to. Our experience helps us every day with finding the best specialists in our industry. So don’t worry – we’ve got it covered.

3. We are not afraid of challenges
We understand that you received the document in this very moment and you need it yesterday or else your boss is going to smash you against a coffee machine. We can organize the translation that will be made in no time at all, but remember to accept it as soon as we have made our calculations. Then we will be able to do is ASAP.

4. Correction
Before we return the translation to you we will read it. Our staff do not speak every language but we do our best to make sure the editing is correct, and if something looks weird we will find a translator and consult with them to make sure you are going to get the best service.

We are not a team of magicians but we do have a hidden talents that make our service a lot easier, faster and cheaper. We are not just a translation agency; we are consultants, researchers, customer specialists, listeners and artists. We do not just prepare translations, we help to make your life easier. 🙂


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