Let’s face it: everybody loves to stay at home under the blanket and watch Netflix. Everybody loves to walk around with those crunchy, colourful leaves floating almost everywhere. Oh, and did I mention pumpkin spice latte? But why are we so excited with October popping out of our calendars? Well, it looks like there is more science to it than we may think.

It all starts way back in our lives. As children we associate Autumn with many exiting things and as adults we are likely to follow the pattern. A recent studies show that seasons are very important to humans. Seasons give you structure and pattern which the human brain is designed to love. Furthermore, we tend to give meaning to many special occasions that start with autumn and end with a New Year’s Eve, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. Our memories just make it all unique and fall is just the beginning of this very exciting part of a year (source: https://www.huffpost.com).

What is also worth mentioning, humans are designed to love coziness as it brings us comfort and a sense of safety. That is why a warm blanket, a cup of coffee or a hot chocolate are a great excuse to just stay on a couch – what a perfectly spent evening! Let’s not forget about the dream -like a background composed of colourful leaves and that very specific smell of autumn we all love and cherish.

Apparently we are all raised to love autumn and everything this particular season brings. So don’t feel sorry for buying that extra cozy sweater, a cup of pumpkin spiced everything and another good book recently translated into your language– it’s in your nature! And let’s just not forget that Christmas is just around the corner : )


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