Spring is in the air. Recently, Krakow experienced a spike in temperature and it seemed that everyone noticed and spent the day outside. Seasonal Affective Disorder[1] is a real medical condition where people can become depressed due to a variety of reasons such as lower levels of Vitamin D from less sunshine exposure during the winter. Or they can feel a sense of hypermania, usually during the summer, instead.

Even for people who do not have such a disorder, changes in weather can affect how you feel. Yesterday provided a glimpse into the future and the knowledge that soon the city will bloom again. The flowers, bushes and trees already have tiny green buds on them which will soon burst open, painting the city in a variety of colors. The long gray winter will give way to the next cycle of life.

Krakow offers plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the Spring season. Anyone who visits the city center must cross through The Planty, the beautiful park that encircles the old town. You can follow the walking/biking path along the Wisła River. There are also a few forests within a short distance where you can get lost among the trees for a few hours taking in the flora and fauna and the fresh air.

A fun thing to do when the weather is nice is to pick a random spot in town that you have never been to. Grab a friend and take public transportation to a distant spot. For example you can visit a museum, art gallery or a restaurant that you have never been to or you can visit our translation agency to see how we function on the everyday basis. Then try to find your way back to something familiar exploring new areas along the way. Take some snacks or just eat at a new cafe that you pass by. If you ever get a little too lost, use the Jakdojade app to get back. You can find some new favorite spots this way.


[1] https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/seasonal-affective-disorder/symptoms-causes/syc-20364651

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