National Translation Awards 2021

For the twenty-third year in a row, the National Translation Awards (NTA) have given awards for translated poetry and prose. Before it happens, texts are checked in a long and strict process.
The process focuses on translated texts and original texts. It aims to check the connection between translated text and the original texts.
On September 30, 2021, International Translation Day, the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA) announced the list of winners of this year’s awards in the categories of poetry and prose.
The mark focuses on the quality of the translation and finished translation from the current language to English. The special day judges of prose are: Jennifer Croft, Anton Hur and Annie Janush. The poetry will come under the wing of Sinan Antoon, Layla Benitez-James, and Sibelan Forrester.

Below we show the list of names and works nominated in prose:

Difficult Light
By Tomás González
Translated from Spanish by Andrea Rosenberg
(Archipelago Books)

By Fabienne Kanor
Translated from
French by Lynn E. Palermo
(University of Virginia Press)

By al-Ḥarīrī
Translated from Arabic by Michael Cooperson
(Library of Arabic Literature/NYU Press)

No Presents Please: Mumbai Stories
By Jayant Kaikini
Translated from Kannada by Tejaswini

By Taslima Nasreen
Translated from Bengali by Arunava Sinha
(HarperCollins India)

Stories of the Sahara
By Sanmao
Translated from Chinese by Mike Fu
(Bloomsbury Publishing)

And a list of names and works nominated in poetry:

By Giuseppe Ungaretti
Translated from Italian
By Geoffrey Brock
(Archipelago Books)

By an unknown author
Translated from Old English by Maria Dahvana Headley
(MCD x FSG Originals)

Unexpected Vanilla
By Lee Hyemi
Translated from Korean by Soje
(Tilted Axis Press)

Dead Letter Office: Selected Poems
By Marko Pogačar
Translated from Croation
By Andrea Jurjević
(The Word Works)

The Olive Trees’ Jazz and Other Poems
By Samira Negrouche
Translated from French
By Marilyn Hacker
(Pleiades Press)

Poetic Justice: An Anthology of
Contemporary Moroccan Poetry
By various authors
Translated from Arabic, French and Tamazight,
by Deborah Kapchan with Driss Marjane
(Center for Middle Eastern Studies, UT Austin)

Translated by (K.S.)

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