Are you afraid of going abroad or cannot find a good job because of your poor knowledge of foreign languages? Don’t worry! You don’t have to spend hours with dictionaries, it is possible to learn them in much more creative way.

Listen to the radio and music. You can do it everywhere – in the house, car, train, even at work. At the beginning you may become a little discouraged but you can be sure that every day you will understand a little bit more.

Watch movies in the original, with foreign subtitles. For most people it is easier to read new words than to listen to them. Try to mix these two things – you will double your chances of understanding.

Change the menu language in your phone. You use your mobile many times a day so you will contact new words very often and will memorize them quickly.

Try to cook local dishes based on the original recipes. If you like cooking, this way will be perfect for you. For sure you will have to look for some words in a dictionary, but after some time it will not be necessary. And if you make a mistake, maybe you will discover something completely new?

Find new friends who speak the language you learn. In the era of social media it is not a problem. And in this way you can not only practice your language but also meet fantastic people, who knows – maybe even find love?

Don’t be ashamed of speaking! What is the most important – try to speak a foreign language always when you have opportunity to do so, even if you know that you are making mistakes. Nobody is perfect and the more often you try, the easier it will become for you.


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