Living through a hot summer without Air Condition seems impossible but our grandparents did it all the time! Here are some strategies for how to stay cool in summer.

First and foremost, drink water!
Is that banal and obvious? Sure, but many people forget about it! As far as I know, we should drink about 1.5 liters of water per normal day, and in the heat days this amount increases significantly! Warmth, sweating, evaporation, etc. makes water escape from our body quicker than usual.

Eating refreshing food is a way to cool our body down!
The best choice is an ice cream, especially a fruit sorbet, but a lot of people also like salads with for example cucumbers, watermelons, butternut squash or strawberries, that can contribute to our fluid intake, helping prevent the headaches and sluggishness caused by dehydration.

Eclectic Fans!
It seems that summer work in a stuffy room, without air conditioning, can be a real torture and a fan can really bring a moment of relief. People choose to use fans to keep spaces cool and well-ventilated.

Make sure you remember about a hat!
During the summer, many people are walking without any headdress which is unsafe. Staying for 2 hours in full sun without any cover may cause horrible headache in the evening.

Open windows!
Sometimes, even the opening of windows in two opposite sides of the flat can bring a real relief. A cool draft will then be created, which will surely ventilate the flat a bit. But be careful! Do not forget to somehow hold doors so that they don’t slam.

Ride on a bike!

Sure, this will make you sweat and tired, but you will feel the wind in your hair while riding and you forget about the heat for a while.


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