In the Internet Age it is hard to imagine a business offering any kind of product or services not having its own website. Nowadays having an online presence is essential to attract customers and gain popularity on the market. To achieve those goals most business owners employ copywriters. Their job is to write texts and slogans designed to draw attention of potential clients. Ever-present globalisation results in companies increasingly opting for international expansion. That’s where the problem arises: how to spark the interest of buyers abroad?

International markets

While thinking of expansion into foreign markets, business owners have two choices. They can have the texts translated or employ a foreign language copywriter. Polish texts are created to cater to Polish customers, and what appeals to Poles will not necessarily seem attractive to, say, Italians. In such a case, a text written by an Italian copywriter has the advantage of being written with an Italian client in mind. This can make the text seem more approachable, which in turn can make the customers more inclined to use the services offered by the company.

In the case of some languages copywriting can open doors to multiple countries’ markets. The obvious example would be, of course, English but it is true for many other languages as well. German copywriting provides the opportunity for expansion in Germany but also in Austria or Switzerland, French copywriting gives room for development in France, Belgium and even Canada, and Spanish copywriting can help reach customers from most countries of South America!

The absence of significant cultural differences between European countries means that, in some cases, opting for translation into the target country’s language could produce results similar to those of copywriting. However, if the owner wants to take their business to more distant parts of the world, such as Asia or Africa, there the differences may turn out too difficult to overcome.

For languages like Chinese or Arabic opting for hiring a copywriter would be a much better choice, as a translated text may seem awkward or unnatural to buyers there and consequently discourage them from using the company’s services.

Another thing foreign language copywriters have over translators in this case is the fact that not only do they know how to appeal to consumers from the specific country, but they are also trained to create search engine optimised texts to make sure a website is going to occupy a high position among search engine results, which can greatly influence the company’s popularity.

Benefits of investing in copywriting

International expansion can prove most lucrative if the business executives are ready to take risks and invest in certain necessary measures to ensure success. Copywriting is decidedly one such measure. At the end of the day every service provider needs customers, so it is crucial that they do everything to gain attention and convince the public to choose their services over those of the competition.

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