Dla tłumaczy Kącik kulturalny Marketing Technikalia

How to translate the texts of the songs correctly?

We listen to music every single day. Undoubtedly, on the current music market English songs are in the dominant position. However, they are not performed only by English or American vocalists. English language, as today’s lingua franca, is considered to be the language of a ‘soft’ and pleasant sound in songs. Nevertheless, among many musicians […]

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Marketing Nowości i promocje Technikalia

In the era of coronavirus and the spinning world of technology robotisation and translations in the field

We’ve known for a long time now that robots can make our everyday life easier – can you imagine functioning without a vacuum cleaner, or make dough by hand? Sheer horror. And life without a washing machine?! Robots are among us and help in our daily household chores. At the same time, they constantly need […]

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