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A pioneer in the wedding industry – and more interesting facts from the United Kingdom

Great Britain is most frequently associated with the royal family – Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles or Prince William. When we think of this country, beautiful pictures of London and Big Ben appear in our heads. The United Kingdom has also got an extensive history and a lot of outstanding people, such as William Shakespeare and […]

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A brief look at online dictionaries

An inseparable tool used in contact with foreign language is a dictionary – particularly essential in the process of learning. It is often used by translators, who although they have an extensive knowledge in terms of vocabulary, may not know a term appearing especially in a specialised text. Online dictionaries are extremely popular nowadays. They […]

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English as a key to international communication

We are living in the twenty-first century, where technology is moving forward and the world is your oyster; it is impossible to imagine yourself lacking communication. Difficulties appear when we decide to travel abroad, where we do not know the language of native speakers of another country. However, there is an easy solution to overcome […]

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