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A brief look at online dictionaries

An inseparable tool used in contact with foreign language is a dictionary – particularly essential in the process of learning. It is often used by translators, who although they have an extensive knowledge in terms of vocabulary, may not know a term appearing especially in a specialised text. Online dictionaries are extremely popular nowadays. They […]

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Characteristics of marketing translations

The translation industry is packed full of different kinds of services. Amongst them, one of the most difficult to execute is definitely marketing translations. Due to its specificity, the requirements which have to be met in order to perform such a translation are relatively greater than other types of translations. The element which distinguishes marketing […]

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Marketing Między słowami

Outsourcing in translations – benefits and characteristics

One of the main goals of businesses and firms is the reduction of expenses with simultaneous maximum efficiency increase. That’s why it’s becoming increasingly popular to hire outside contractors instead of maintaining one’s own department. Such handing over of individual, separated tasks to outside contractors is called outsourcing. It’s worth considering the advantages of such […]

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