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How do consecutive interpreters take their notes

The interpreter’s job does not lack plot twists as it often requires immense resourcefulness and swiftness of action. Imagine, for example, that there is a conference taking place in a company and it features a Norwegian entrepreneur. The rest of the participants do not know Norwegian, so his statement should be replicated in a way […]

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Culture Language Translation

Interpretation and emotions

Does an interpreter doing a consecutive interpretation or a simultaneous interpretation have a right to express emotions? Or maybe the interpreter should forfeit expressing emotions entirely while interpreting? Some situations, which warrant the use of an interpreter, can be quite overwhelming. So, in what ways should they behave in these situations? Interpretation of difficult and […]

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Medical translation – why is it so difficult?

Medicine is one of the fastest growing scientific fields. Throughout our lives, we repeatedly come across many types of medical documentation; drug package inserts, publications from the medical press, doctor’s certificates, medical diagnoses and much more. Translation of medical literature is considered to be one of the most demanding specializations and few professional translators undertake […]

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