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Translating Chinese idioms

The translator’s job is arduous in of itself. Translating Chinese comes with additional challenges not present while translating western languages. This entry will mention some of the hardships a translator of Chinese language must face. Is there “Chinese language”? The term Chinese language doesn’t actually refer to one language; it is used to describe a […]

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Językoznawstwo Kącik kulturalny Między słowami Podróże

Vietnamese language

Vietnamese is an Asian language spoken by around 70 million people. It’s a language spoken in Vietnam as well as in the Cambodian and Vietnamese diaspora all over the world, for example in USA. The Vietnamese minority is quite big in Poland, that is why translations from and into Vietnamese are quite common. Vietnamese belongs […]

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Dla tłumaczy

Let’s touch on etiquette in the job of a translator

In every job there are certain rules that are imperceptible – have you ever thought about it? Maybe you have experienced some personal failures that made you wonder about proper behaviour while facing new and challenging situations? From the perspective of a newbie in the office, we are going to touch on some rules, ways […]

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Pomożemy w tłumaczeniu.Zadzwoń