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Why copywriting is important in business?

Copywriting is creating texts with selling themes for advertising and marketing needs. They consist of specific communication for clients to persuade them to buy their products. Such a form of persuasion is almost everywhere: in newspapers, on TV, on the radio, in social media as well as on packages of different products. The copywriter’s main […]

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Dla tłumaczy Kącik kulturalny Marketing

Language as a key also in handball

Handball is not as popular sport as football but attracts a lot of close fans. One of the most important aspects of the team is language – efficient communication between players and the other members of the club is often key to success on the court. One of the clubs for which language is crucial […]

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Dla tłumaczy Kącik kulturalny Marketing Między słowami

Translations of stock market financial reports

Companies listed on the stock market are in constant need of translations in various language combinations. Precise and accurate translations are essential during processing and sharing of current information concerning financial markets. Due to the intense dynamic and specificity of this industry, translation projects require a considerable amount of responsiveness, precision and speed of action. […]

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